A Conversation with Hong Ma

September 12, 2022

Hong Ma is based in Hong Kong and specializes in public health policy and stakeholder engagement. A key member of the Edelman Global Advisory Asia Pacific leadership team, Ms. Ma works closely with Edelman healthcare leaders across the globe, providing strategic counsel focusing on disease awareness campaigns and corporate public health positioning.

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A Conversation with Daniel Quiroga

August 2, 2022

Daniel has 16 years of experience in Public/Government/Regulatory Affairs and Issues/Crisis Management. He is a Vice President for the Colombian office where he leads the Public/Government Affairs practice in Colombia. His expertise includes healthcare, technology, and food and beverages, among others.​

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A Conversation with Taskforce for Nature Markets

July 19, 2022

Edelman Global Advisory sat down with Simon Zadek and Marcelo Furtado, Co-leads of the Secretariat of the Taskforce on Nature Markets, for a conversation on the Taskforce, their guiding principles, and the future of nature markets. The Taskforce on Nature Markets, a new initiative of Finance for Biodiversity (F4B), is comprised of leaders from the private sector, government, NGOs, and indigenous communities committed to establishing “an ambitious, practical framework for building principles-based nature markets”.

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