It's election season. Are you ready?

Over the past few elections, the role of advocacy organizations, business, and the private sector has grown, contracted, and settled into an uneasy, untenable stalemate. 

Companies are constantly grappling with external pressures that threaten their business, brands, and employees. Organizational leaders must cautiously navigate political issues that have been weaponized over time, including LGBTQ+ rights, climate change, and reproductive healthcare. The difficulty in discerning when and how to engage with, act on, or advocate for these issues - coupled with complex geopolitical tensions - means elections don’t just have national consequences but also potentially costly implications for businesses.

The Fight for Power is your guide to key moments in the election season, what comes next, and what they mean for your business.

       Key Offerings:


Collison Course

Collision Course provides programming, briefings, bespoke counsel, insights, and events to help executives understand how the 2024 election will impact their everyday.

Issues, Education & Research

EGA will filter out the noise to help you focus on what matters most. We’ll provide you with detailed analyses of the issues of the moment and connect you with experts who have e successfully navigated similar issues before and can help you do the same.

Political Crisis Management

EGA will bring the full force of Edelman to help you respond to crisis, minimize harm, mitigate risk, and execute a strategy to ensure you’re on the right track for the future.


Introducing Advisory+

Designed for those who want direct counsel on the 2024 election cycle, Advisory+ helps you sort through what matters most to you and your organization. Advisory+ connects you with the best of EGA to ensure you stay up to date with how the twists and turns of the election are impacting you and your organization.

Advisory+ is your advisor through the election season.

Your subscription to Advisory+ includes:

  • Access to 10 EGA Election Consulting Hours from the election team to help guide you during moments of uncertainty or planning.
  • EGA Thought Leadership including Breaking News Analysis
  • The Issues Report detailing five key issues that will impact you during the 2024 election.

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