Re-purposing with a Purpose

Los Angeles County, as the United States’ most populous region, has had its own unique challenges in tackling COVID-19. Hospitals and governments, in particular, have struggled against unprecedented challenges that threaten the safety of their communities. So when an innovative healthcare provider partnered with local and state governments to re-purpose a shuttered hospital for surging cases – the first time anything of this size and scale had been done in the U.S. – it was critical to get the positive news out to re-shape public perceptions of our healthcare client and its government partners.

Strategy & Execution

Our government affairs team created internal and external communications strategies that highlighted our client’s commitment to patient safety and quality care. We worked with our client and the State of California to coordinate key messaging on our media rollout, which culminated in an official announcement by the Governor of the opening of the “Los Angeles Surge Hospital.” We also identified and trained key members of the executive team to serve as spokespeople, and we coordinated high-profile media interviews and tours of the renovated facility, all with careful attention to safety precautions.


Through constructive government partnerships, our client has been able to respond to unprecedented demands for healthcare during COVID-19. By leveraging the voice of the State of California, our client’s innovative hospital announcement cut through regular COVID-19 coverage with positive headlines that featured nationally from CNN, BBC and the L.A. Times, and our client gained the credibility it deserves as an innovative and capable actor in the struggle against COVID-19.