Kid Tested, Government Approved

Market access may be a politically sensitive endeavor. In China, the education sector faces tight restrictions and close scrutiny. So, when a leading American children’s education company sought to re-enter the market, we knew it would be a challenge to gain state regulators’ approval.

Strategy & Execution

Fortunately, our client is known not only for quality content but also for its leading research in childhood education. And equally fortunate for our client, we are known for working within, and in tandem with, government systems. We mapped circles of influence in China’s education space – including government officials, business leaders and influencers – and worked with them to develop collaborative programs and build trust in our client’s world-class expertise. Those programs resulted in a network of allies among the very officials tasked with revamping China’s education system – and our client was now positioned as their trusted advisor.


We worked with our client to support the government in improving education quality in China and, in turn, key government influencers developed a vested interest in our client’s success. This helped secure key approvals for television programming and garnered the political support necessary for commercial success. Our client’s show rose to the prime-time slot for viewers under-six and gained tens of millions of viewers nationwide. The show’s success has driven product sales and our client is now one of the most influential experts on preschool education in China.