The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is the geographic, historic and cultural center of the world. MENA is also home to governments with ambitious development strategies for a booming and educated young generation facing geopolitical and environmental challenges. Our MENA experts, located across the Middle East, North Africa and Washington D.C., are working with governments, corporations and industries on the front lines of these complex challenges.

Our team of former ambassadors, UN officials, business executives, and regulatory experts are developing innovative solutions to these challenges with our high-level experience in government relations, corporate affairs, healthcare, food and beverage, energy and technology. We also have unique capabilities in climate sustainability, fintech, cultural heritage, ecological preservation, and multi-nation event management. With a global presence and full-service support across government affairs, public affairs, and public relations, we are able to help companies around the world with market entry, partner identification, regulatory policy, risk and crisis management and more.