Prior to becoming an MP, Sir Robert Buckland was a Welsh barrister practicing in Cardiff. In 2009, Buckland was appointed as a Recorder of the Crown Court, sitting on the Midland Circuit. He received a knighthood in January 2022.

Political Career

He was elected to represent South Swindon at the 2010 election, and was appointed to be Solicitor General in 2014 - a position he held for five years. He later was promoted to become a junior minister in the Ministry of Justice under Theresa May, and subsequently became Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice under Boris Johnson, before being sacked in September 2021. Following the mass resignations over the Summer, he was appointed Secretary of State for Wales in July 2022.

View on portfolio

After being appointed in the summer, Buckland argued that devolution is 'very, very safe with this government' but ruled out any further devolution of powers. He also said he believes that independence 'leads to a decline in living standards a decline in prosperity, a decline in the position of Wales and separation is not the answer to the issues we face'. His appointment has been criticised by some due to the fact he represents an English constituency.


The Rt Hon Sir Robert Buckland KBE KC

Secretary of State for Wales