Having trained as a cadet at Sandhurst Military Academy, Wallace was commissioned to the Scots Guards in 1991, rising through the ranks to become Captain in 1996. On leaving the army, Wallace became a Member for the Scottish Parliament for North East Scotland. During his four years as an MSP, Wallace served on the European Committee and was deputy Conservative spokesman on health and community care.

Political Career

In 2005, Wallace was elected to Parliament to represent the constituency of Lancaster and Wyre. Wallace began his Ministerial career shortly after, as the Shadow Minister for Scotland in 2007. Most recently, Wallace has served in the Home Office, serving as Minister of State for Security throughout Theresa May's Government. He was appointed Defence Secretary in 2019 under Boris Johnson.

Views on Portfolio

Following Truss’ cabinet reshuffle, Wallace remains the Defence Secretary, a position he has held since July 2019. He has been widely praised for his role in response to both the Afghanistan crisis and the war in Ukraine. Following the recent offensive by Ukrainian forces, Wallace told the Commons that the Government is working on an additional package of support for Ukraine, having already supplied thousands of anti-tank weapons, drones and military vehicles. He declined to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party despite his popularity with the grassroots.


The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP

Secretary of State for Defence