The charts below were last updated on March 23, 2023.

These organizational charts of all 37 Ministries in Brazil is part of EGA Brazil's effort to provide our clients and interested parties with a simple solution to explain complex realities. As in many Republican countries, a change of Administration changes most of the State's relevant positions, and they go way beyond the Minister's level. The charts, updated every Thursday, aim to help provide that bigger picture that stakeholders interested in each Ministry are looking for.


Ministries and Secretariats

Social CommunicationInstitutional Relations Casa Civil Institutional Security Office General Secretariat Attorney General President's Personal Cabinet
Agriculture and Livestock Cities Science, Technology, and Innovation 
CommunicationsGeneral Comptroller's OfficeCulture DefenseIndustry, Trade and ServiceRural Development Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger  Human Rights and Citizenship Education Sport Management and Innovation in Public Service Racial Equality FinanceRegional Development and Integration Justice and Public Security Environment and Climate Change Mines and Energy  Women Fishing and Aquaculture Planning and Budget Ports and Airports Indigenous People Social Security International Relations  Health Labor and Employment Transports Tourism