Nestled in the English countryside lies Bletchley Park—the home of Britain’s Second World War codebreakers. This week it returned to the center of geopolitical events as world leaders, tech firms, and researchers gathered here to consider what many are describing as the existential threat of our time: the risks of advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Policymakers from across the globe are desperately seeking to understand and tread the fine line between managing the risks associated with this rapidly evolving technology, whilst not stifling innovation and the potentially revolutionary opportunities it can offer to human advancement. 

This week the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sought to position the UK as the convener, pioneer, and thought leader on frontier AI and build a global consensus on the serious risks if AI advancement is left unchecked. The Bletchley Declaration—signed by nearly 30 countries including the US and China at the outset of the Summit—is seen as the first step towards that, arguing that any risks are “best addressed through international cooperation.” 

Read our latest analysis for insights from experts across the EGA global network, contextualizing the Summit in the wider geopolitical race for control of the future of this technology, and setting out what this means for business.

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