Artificial Intelligence: The Global Regulatory and Policy Environment and What It Means for Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has in a short time gone from fringe interest to dominating global discussions around it being both a game-changing opportunity and a potential threat.

AI has significant potential to transform business practices, outputs, and operations across a range of sectors. For Governments, it has the potential for smarter policymaking, more efficient service delivery, and a more personalized citizen experience. At the same time, Governments around the world are facing the challenge of how to regulate AI in an effective way, to pre-empt the pace of innovation and development of this rapidly advancing technology and ensure AI is delivered safely. Policymakers are facing calls from some in the tech sector itself for immediate action to prevent this technology from running out of control.

As AI plays a greater role in our lives and its potential for significant disruption endures, Governments will be thinking long-term and, in some cases, multilaterally about how exactly AI should be developed, deployed, and regulated.

In this report, Edelman Global Advisory’s team of policy and political experts share insights on the state of play of AI regulation in key markets across the globe to help companies navigate this evolving policy and regulatory framework and better understand what the key drivers are. 

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