Sunak Plays It Safe

While King Charles III was on the way to Parliament this morning for His first State Opening, a British MP was kidnapped by Palace Guards. Held captive by the King’s men for over three hours, she was eventually released back to the safety of House of Commons. 

Fear not: far from a worrying story about a breakdown in Parliamentary security, this is but a mere quirk of the constitutional arrangement between the Monarch and the Government of the United Kingdom, dating back centuries and still played out today, the day of the King's Speech. 

Today, as the King opened Parliament for the first time as Monarch, the broad consensus was that Rishi Sunak has proposed a safety-first agenda in what, if the polls are to be believed, is likely to be his final Parliamentary Session as Prime Minister.

Read our latest analysis of what was said, what wasn't, and what it all means ahead of the next general election.

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