Labour Party Conference Round-Up 2023

“Protest? Or power? That’s why we changed our Party.” 

Keir Starmer's unscripted response following his on-stage ambush may just have been the perfect metaphor for what he was seeking to showcase at this year's Labour Party Conference: a mature, serious party and a government-in-waiting. 

As businesspeople, Trade Unionists, and the Party faithful descended on Liverpool over the weekend for what may be Labour's last Conference before a likely autumn general election next year, all eyes were on Starmer and his top team as they sought to outline their program for government and their vision for the UK.

Did they deliver? Edelman Global Advisory had a team on the ground speaking to MPs, former Labour Cabinet Ministers, advisers, and party activists. Early reports from the team suggest that business has broadly welcomed the themes of discipline and stability that were evident throughout both Starmer's speech and that of his Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves. 

Attached is EGA's post-conference round-up where we look at what this Conference means for Starmer, for the wider Party, and for business, both today and ahead of the next general election. 

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