In the global race for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Latin America is at an early stage, with countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico facing challenges and seeking to define their political agendas in this nascent field.​

So far, none of these countries have specific legislation on AI. The leadership for such regulation has largely emerged from each country´s Legislative powers, with proposals from their respective Congresses. It is important to highlight that the EU AI Act, which recently gained provisional approval in the European Union, has been used as a reference for these debates and legislative proposals. However, these countries face the challenge of adapting these concepts to their local realities, considering intense regional differences.​

Among these Latin American nations, Brazil stands out as a leader with regulatory maturity in the region. With consolidated legislation on data protection and an established Internet Civil Framework, AI has been a priority issue for the country’s main public authorities. Brazil is moving towards a national AI strategy, involving different sectors of society in discussions about ethics, transparency, and algorithmic responsibility.​

On the other hand, Colombia, which was once a pioneer in discussions about AI in the region, seems to have lost prominence due to recent political choices that did not prioritize the issue. Mexico, despite its regional leadership in research and innovation, also is not prioritizing AI regulation at the moment, especially with upcoming general elections in 2024.​

Argentina, in turn, saw AI emerge as a central theme during the recent presidential elections, due to the strong use of this technology in campaigns. However, after the election of Javier Milei, the issue was not positioned as a priority on the country’s political agenda.​

In sum, although there is growing recognition of the importance of establishing legislation to deal with AI in Latin America, the countries in the region still face significant challenges. ​

For an in-depth briefing on AI regulation in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, please download EGA's full report Artificial Intelligence: Latin America’s Regulatory and Policy Environment here.