Argentina's 2023 Runoff Election Results

On Sunday, voters in Argentina headed to the polls to determine their next President in a run-off election between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa. With over 55% of the vote, Javier Milei, an economist and National Representative for the City of Buenos Aires, has been elected president.

Central to Milei's campaign was his economic proposala plan based on a liberal vision that defends individual freedom, minimal government intervention, and the primacy of the free market. With a list of reforms whose feasibility and potential impact were questioned by political and economic experts, enacting his proposal could be Milei's biggest challenge in the short term.

Read EGA's latest report for a closer look at Milei's economic proposal, a province-by-province breakdown of electoral results, and an analysis of the challenges facing Milei once he takes office. 

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