Electoral Results for Governorships & Congress: The hegemony of MORENA in Mexico​

On June 2, Mexico held its largest elections to date. Following the release of preliminary election results, authorities conducted a physical count of the votes to produce the official district vote tally results. Based on those results, the incumbent party, Morena, has not only won the presidency and 7 out of 9 governorships but, together with its allies, also achieved significant representation in both federal and state legislatures, making for a new era in Mexican politics marked by the hegemonic power of the ruling party, Morena.

The country is currently in the crucial process of finalizing the election results and addressing any challenges that arose—the deadline for filing these challenges was June 13. This crucial step allows electoral bodies to issue certificates of majority, officially declaring the winners.

For more details on the election review process and detailed results across governorships and Congress, read the full report here:

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