EGA Briefing: Labour Reshuffle 2023

Rarely does a political leader have complete freedom of choice when reshuffling their top team. But if ever there was that day, today is it for Keir Starmer. A sustained and healthy poll lead. A party refocused on winning. And a political world almost united in expectation that he will be the next Prime Minister. 

As the sun shone on Westminster yesterday morning, Starmer flexed his muscle to shape a Shadow Cabinet that is election ready and with many wrinkles ironed out. He will say that this is a group of politicians ready to begin fixing Britain’s problems from the moment they take office. But their first challenge is to put forward a compelling, alternative visionto not just oppose but also prepare. And it is undoubtedly a strong team which heand no one elseis the author of.

The team he’s chosen will be the face of the party in the coming election campaign. The media will treat them like a government in waiting. And they will face more scrutiny than any Shadow Cabinet in recent years. Civil servants, businesses and stakeholders will look to their every word as if they are setting government policy for years to come. They must be ready for the challenge of having influence without the levers of power and preparing themselves for the political fight of a lifetime in the coming election. 

Meet Starmer's Shadow Cabinet, learn the top five things of note reflected in this action, and find out what impact this could have on businesses with our latest briefing from EGA UK.

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