At Edelman Global Advisory - Colombia, we are committed to building intersectoral trust through constructive and proactive dialogue to promote an informed decision-making process that positively impacts the country's development. 

For that reason, we came together with the Council of American Enterprises and Colombian Association of Private Equity to hold a series of sessions with the candidates for the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá ahead of the country’s regional elections. During these conversations, we discussed their proposals for security, mobility, and investments, among other topics, while asking insightful questions regarding how they plan to lead Colombia’s capital city.

These sessions were held at our office with the hopes of promoting informed and enlightened voting among our teams, affiliates, associates, and clients. More importantly, Edelman Global Advisory is pleased that these sessions could play a role in strengthening the Colombian democratic process in the regional elections that took place on October 29, 2023, and we are excited on permanently building bridges of trust among the private and the public sectors.

Read our latest analysis from EGA experts summarizing results of Colombia’s regional elections and what they mean for President Gustavo Petro agenda, social reforms, and Colombia’s balance of power moving forward. 

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