McCarthy Announces Republican Lineup for Select Committee on China

Speaker McCarthy announced his selection of Members to serve on the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party … aka the Select Committee on China.  The newly created Select Committee has drawn interest and attention because it is an area of potential bipartisan cooperation, but also a committee that could increase tensions between the U.S. and China.  Therefore, the Members who are selected to serve can provide an early indication of where Speaker McCarthy wants the committee to focus.  The short answer, based on his selections – he wants a serious committee.  Speaker McCarthy chose members from the full range of the Republican conference – but each one is a leader in their areas.  The Republican members are:

Chairman Mike Gallagher (WI):  He was named in December and is widely recognized as a national security expert and a rising GOP star.  He has emphasized his desire to make the committee bipartisan.  And he has made clear he believes China poses the most important national security risk to the United States for the foreseeable future.

Rob Wittman (VA): First elected in 2007, Wittman serves on the House Armed Services Committee.  He supports a strong (well-funded) national defense.  He brings an expertise in naval issues and therefore will be part of the discussion on the defense of Taiwan.  He said about his appointment “As this committee demonstrates, this is not a partisan issue – together, both Republicans and Democrats must stand united against the CCP’s malign influences at home and abroad.”

Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO): He serves on the Financial Services Committee and was the ranking member of the Small Business Committee in the previous Congress.  He has strong views on corporate “wokeism” and his appointment signals the committee will include a focus on how U.S. companies operate in China.  Rep. Luetkemeyer has previously said, “Nowhere has China's aggression been more blatant than through the weaponization of its economy. For too long, international financial institutions and large investors have been complicit in China's unethical and immoral actions.”

Andy Barr (KY): He also serves on the Financial Services Committee and widely viewed as a subject matter expert and a serious legislator.  If the committee works on outbound investment restrictions, he will be at the center of that discussion.  When the House voted to create the Select Committee, Rep. Barr commented, “The Chinese Communist Party is intent on replacing the United States as the world's preeminent economic, military, and technological power. They have a sophisticated plan to challenge American hegemony and leverage every possible avenue to finance their goals. Defending against these advances is one of the most significant geopolitical challenges of a generation.”

Dan Newhouse (WA): He is well respected Member of the Appropriations committee and a farmer back in his district.  Rep. Newhouse voted to impeach President Trump.  His statement upon being appointed to the Select Committee included, “The United States is engaged in a great power struggle with the CCP, and we must respond with tough policies that will protect our farmland, rebuild our national supply chains, stand up for human rights, and safeguard American sovereignty.”

John Moolenaar (MI): Also a Member of the Appropriations Committee and represents a suburban district in Michigan.  He has previously said, "The Chinese government is actively working to weaken the United States and the Biden administration needs to do more to stand up to China’s aggression.”

Darin LaHood (IL): A Member of both the Ways and means Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. LaHood is respected for his expertise on both international economic issues and national security.  “I’m honored to be appointed by Speaker McCarthy to the Select Committee on China and continue my work on the Intelligence Committee. Now more than ever, Congress must work to strengthen our economic and national security and address the generational challenges posed by China.”

Neal Dunn (FL): He is a veteran and a surgeon who serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee.  He has focused on the fentanyl epidemic, which he has called a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Jim Banks (IN): A close ally of Speaker McCarthy, Rep. Banks has announced his intention to run for the Senate in 2024.  Had he not chosen to run, he was considered a strong candidate to Chair the Select Committee.  He is a veteran and places a strong emphasis on “culture wars.”  He tweeted, “The Chinese Communist Party is one of the greatest threats to the American way of life and we must treat them as such.  Honored to serve with Chairman Gallagher.”

Dusty Johnson (SD): A moderate member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, he sits on both the Agriculture and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees.  He said “The CCP poses a real threat to our national security and I’m looking forward to identifying ways to combat China’s totalitarian regime in America.  Let’s get to work.”

Michelle Steel (CA): First elected in 2020, she was appointed to the Ways and means Committee in the Summer of 2022 -- a significant accomplishment for a first-term Member.  She was born in Korea and raised in Japan.  She is widely regarded as an up-and-coming star in the House of Representatives.

Ashley Hinson (IA): Another rising star first elected in 2020.  She sits on the House Appropriations Committee.  Her statement included, “There is no larger threat to our economy, national and global security, and way of life than China. From reshoring manufacturing jobs and supply chains to stopping the CCP's military aggression and preventing China from purchasing more U.S. agricultural land - our committee will produce the policy blueprint to address these issues and ensure the U.S. is competing to win our cold war with China. We must take on China - not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans, and I'm honored to serve on the bipartisan committee that will do so.”

Carlos Gimenez (FL): A former mayor of Miami Dade County and former Chief of the Fire Department, Rep. Gimenez’s family fled Cuba after the communist revolution in 1960.  He was also recently appointed to the House Armed Services Committee. 

House Democrats are working on finalizing their appointments to committees this week.


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