The Two Sessions

Against the backdrop of ongoing tensions in the US-China relationship, both governments are kicking off new political cycles with new leaders in key posts. These leaders will shape the US-China relationship and policy priorities for years to come with important implications for business.

  • In China, the annual meeting of China’s legislative bodies, known as the Two Sessions (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) concluded on March 13. The meetings confirmed key leaders, outlined government restructuring plans, and identified economic and social policy priorities for the year ahead, including targets for GDP growth, budget deficits, and consumption support.
  • In the US, the 118th Congress officially began in January with the creation of a new “House Select Committee on China,” which held its first hearing in late February, and China priorities dominating early hearings across other key committees.

The leadership and policy changes will impact business and are important to watch as companies navigate the geopolitical landscape and their presence in both markets. Watch below for an expert conversation exploring business implications for the Two Congresses.