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Health policy has been permanently transformedHealth Policy and Public Affairs after three years of COVID. Global health policymakers are grappling not only with the public health issues raised by COVID, but also now with strained health care systems facing unprecedented financial and capacity challenges. New technologies such as gene and cell therapies, a new generation of diagnostics, global telehealth and the use of AI and Big Data are poised to transform the nature of global health care but will raise new issues related to access and equity, innovation growth, and adaptation of regulatory and reimbursement systems to meet the needs of evolving health technologies in both the life sciences and IT sectors. Now more than ever, companies need to follow, understand, and effectively engage with these issues to meet the demands of the marketplace and its consumers.

EGA’s Global Health Policy and Public Affairs team helps companies navigate the challenges of a complex health policy environment, while anticipating and proactively addressing emerging developments and trends. The team is led by EGA Health Chair Joseph M. Damond, a recognized policy and business leader with a track record spanning more than two decades in international government relations and global health policy, with a focus on healthcare, trade, and innovation issues. Damond is joined by health policy and regulatory experts from around the world with deep expertise in helping clients meet their public affairs, policy, and government affairs objectives.

The EGA Global Health Policy and Public Affairs offering is based out of Washington, D.C. with locations in the United States, Canada, European Union, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East/Africa, and India. 


“It is a privilege to lead such an esteemed group of colleagues with a wide breadth of experience in the healthcare industry and a deep understanding of their regions, key stakeholders, policy challenges, and opportunities. I’m excited to be working with these leaders to advise clients as we shape change in the dynamic global healthcare environment.”

- Joseph Damond, EGA Health Chair


Our Health Policy and Public Affairs Offering

We create health policy programs to influence opinion elites, promote regulatory and legislative initiatives at all levels of government, build reputations and manage issues. We develop and execute campaigns to create a more positive climate for the policy objectives of our clients, who range from Fortune 500 companies to sovereign nations, trade associations and business coalitions.

Against the backdrop of a dynamic global healthcare landscape, we help clients:

  • Understand emerging health policy trends at the local, national, regional and global levels
  • Anticipate challenges and opportunities in the health policy landscape to be able to proactively address and shape – rather than simply react to - policy change
  • Earn Trust with key stakeholders through deeper and more focused engagement
  • Integrate public affairs functions within organizations that they so that they concretely advance commercial and other key organizational goals


Key Health Contacts

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